Capcom files Darkstalkers trademark for the second time in eight months – VideoGamer.com

Darkstalkers, the stylish and savage monster-mashing series, might be making some sort of a return after developer Capcom has filed a trademark for the IP (again).

It refreshed the trademark for the series in December 2019, too, and so it seems as though the company has something up its sleeves for the fighting game. However, the future of Darkstalkers has been cloudy for a long time. Darkstalkers Resurrection, the latest entry into the series released in 2013, didn’t perform very well, which dispirited Capcom. “I’m disappointed in the opening sales response relative to any other fighting title we’ve put out on the same platforms given the frequency and urgency of requests we’ve had here over the last several years and the quality of the execution,” said senior vice president Christian Svensson, but qualified that the company hasn’t “given up” on Darkstalkers.

Does this new trademark infer that there will be a new Darkstalkers game? Not necessarily, I’m afraid. PlayStation LifeStyle cannily concluded that, given the express permittance of “provided and the provision of information on this online game, the provision of games for mobile phone use and for smartphones and mobile communication terminal device according to the online and the provision of information” in the trademark filing, this will be a tie-in with a mobile game.

Teppen, a mobile card game, has only recently surpassed its one-year anniversary and celebrated more than four million downloads since launch. It is likely, therefore, that Teppen will be getting a crossover with Darkstalkers. Or. It might not. And Capcom might be making a new Darkstalkers game. We’ll keep you in the loop once we know more.
Credit: Capcom files Darkstalkers trademark for the second time in eight months – VideoGamer.com