Modern Warfare Season Five expands Warzone by opening Stadium, adding a train, and more

* Timed Exclusive content until Oct. 1, 2020 The Shadow Company, an elite PMC group within the Allegiance faction, has arisen to take the ongoing conflict into their own hands. Fight alongside them in Season Five of Modern Warfare featuring four new Multiplayer maps and new additions to Warzone like an opened Stadium and Transit Station, plus a moving freight train that travels across the map. 

The already massive free-to-play map of Verdansk just got some updates. The Shadow Company’s explosive arrival has cracked open the Stadium and inside the match is on. Want to battle on the go? Hop aboard a moving freight train to get around the map and fight while you ride. Don’t forget to grab your tickets at the expanded Train Station.

Stadium – Don’t land on the roof; go through it. More than just a pitch, move through rows of seating, discover the underground parking structure, and rethink your strategy for a match at Stadium. Don’t get distracted at the concession stands.

Train Station – Get a ticket and explore this expanded area near Promenade. With new rooms, interior spaces, and more opportunities for gunplay and gear, expect the fight at Train Station

Moving Freight Train – All Aboard. Travel with your squad and pick off enemies as you go on the moving freight train. Use the track to escape the gas, take a load off, or get to a new location stealthier, without the noise of a vehicle engine.

Warzone Map Tip: The Three S’s of Interior Combat. Shotguns, SMGs, and sidearms are all built to excel in CQB scenarios, which will be commonplace in both Stadium and Train Station. While the other weapon categories can find their place here, it may be worth carrying a close-quarters option in your loadout, if only to be prepared when trekking through these new areas or other interior spaces.

Four new Multiplayer maps join the rotation across Gunfight, 6v6 Multiplayer, and Ground War. Read a brief overview of all, plus tips for Suldal Harbor.

Livestock (Gunfight) – Small pastoral map features a central barn for fast and frenetic tactical opportunities in Gunfight.

Verdansk International Airport (Ground War) – Don’t let this tarmac be your final resting place as this popular Warzone destination makes it way to Ground War. Utilize both the interior and exterior spaces to find success. Mind the tanks.

Petrov Oil Rig (6v6) – Fight aboard an operational oilrig featuring five distinct sections within a versatile map design where all playstyles can shine.

Suldal Harbor (6v6) – Likely not the safest place to dock your vessel, this bustling harbor will see players weaving between fish markets, shipping areas, and weather-beaten administrative areas.

Chokepoint Ambushes. The long lanes between the fish market and the shipping village could be ideal for CQB players, or for those that want to set lethal equipment traps.

On the Flank. Especially in objective game modes where key areas have multiple points of entry, those using weapons for close-quarters play could use cover and longer flanking routes to potentially surprise their enemies.

This Season’s Battle Pass system is themed to fit the explosive and dark tone of the elite PMC, Shadow Company. Instantly unlock Shadow Company’s leader, Marcus “Lerch” Ortega at Tier 0 with purchase. Also at Tier 0 players can unlock three War Tracks – a new customization item allowing you to listen to specific songs while you drive a vehicle.

Play and progress through the tiers to add a new SMG and assault rifle to your arsenal.

ISO SMG (Tier 15) – Lightweight and reliable, the ISO is a precision crafted, fast-firing SMG.

AN-94 Assault Rifle (Tier 31) – Featuring a unique hyperburst where the first round is followed by an instantaneous second with little to no recoil, master this unique mechanism to deal efficient and deadly damage in every match.

Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock up to 100 tiers of content including 10 Operator skins and Missions, Legendary weapon blueprints, the raven ‘Nevermore’ Finishing Move, up to 1300 Call of Duty points, and more. Advance through the Battle Pass system just by playing the game. 

A familiar Crash site is the locale for the newest map playable in the PlayStation *exclusive Survival mode. Take advantage of long sightlines or head to the rooftops and lock down a building to outlast waves of enemies. Get Killstreaks, freshen your loadout, and restock your ammo between rounds to equip your foursome with the tools to survive on Crash.