Project Cars 2 Review

My first race in Project Cars 2 was a learning experience, to say the least. After a couple of years away from the wheel of Slightly Mad Studios’ simulation racing series, getting reacquainted with its uncompromising style was no easy feat. The blind turns and fluctuating elevations of Scotland’s Knockhill Racing Circuit played havoc with […]

Dragon Quest Builders Review: Working The Land

Dragon Quest Builders serves as the jumping-off point for a new tale in a new period using an old setting–the storied land of Alefgard from the first Dragon Quest. It’s an alternate reality that begins where the original game ends, but with a twist: the hero from the first game didn’t defeat the Dragonlord. No […]

The Marvel’s Avengers beta has me excited to break up the team – VideoGamer.com

The first thing to know about Marvel’s Avengers is that it makes sense. Not in the traditional way, of course; its plot, for instance, is balderdash. San Francisco is sprayed with Terrigen Mist, which—despite sounding like something Heston Blumenthal would unleash on a table of brave diners—happens to sprinkle some members of the general population with […]

Marvel’s Avengers will have “even more PlayStation advantages” – VideoGamer.com

Marvel’s Avengers will offer “even more PlayStation advantages,” including “exclusive access” to new cosmetics before players on other platforms. Yesterday, it was announced that Spider-Man will be an exclusive DLC character for PlayStation players. Lots of players rejoiced, but others felt short-changed. “So Xbox and PC players just miss out on a whole lot of […]